Friday, March 11, 2011

Onslaught of Rain

Earth was heated by the day's sun.
It was sultry, it was stuffy, it made me sweat.
The air became heavy. 
The subtle, ever-so-sweet musky fragrance filled the space.

      Perspiration vanished, 
      Fresh air gushed into my lungs.
      I scanned the heavens, full of hope;
      They had flashed and had sung;

The never-before-seen leaves now sprang up.
The dry dead leaves which lay abandoned,
began dancing in festive circles

      The galloping wind tickled the giggling leaflets;
      from heaven joined their friends, the droplets.
      A cold, moist one fell, and then another;
      and in a cascading avalanche, came a zillion others;
      quenching the thirst left by the sultry weather.

Like a thousand tablas together, they roared.
The Earth was elated to receive the showers;
welcoming the tiny guests like her own seed.

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