Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Same old thing about a Green Diwali that comes up in the Papers, but of which people don't give shit about.

This note is very Diwali-centered. But its got a lot to do with other important things too.
What happened was that I just commented on one of my friends' Diwali greetings a couple'o days back: About causing less air and sound pollution, especially in the name of Diwali festivities.
And pat came a comment from some random guy, who just felt that we people are free to burst as many crackers and cause as much noise as we can, for the sake of Diwali, as this is what the tradition talks about.
My friends, the Tradition doesn't ask us to cause the undesired pollution, neither does it ask one to disturb ones neighbour, be it human or animal.
The aforementioned Random guy's reasoning goes somewhat like this: The automobiles and the industries, cattle, noisy jets and nuclear reactors are causing enough pollution; and celebrating Diwali as one likes wouldn't make a milligrams difference to the present scenario.*period* It  will!!
This is the kind of attitude we should be wary of. We should consider taking even the small steps towards lessening the chaotic pollution already taking place.
So here it goes again:: Burst less crackers, try causing minimal amount of any kind of pollution, and have a very safe, Prosperous and yes, a green Diwali :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Old Wood and Young Shoot

What does this picture,....................in your mind ring?
just the blue, green and brown..........of another spring?

The old and wise wood,....................trying to stay alive as it could;
embracing them in its tender shade,...those lively li'l everglades.

It rises, like its will,........................against everything that tries to kill;
it sacrifices its life,.........................to protect its green children from strife.

The old accept their demise as...........the young spring up and rise.

Weeds, we aren't talking about,

only the trees whose trunks are stout, they who feed so many a mouth,
the chirping bird and the humming bee, all find shelter under the branches of the tree.

The gray-bellied clouds betray,...........allowing the scorching sun to flay;
the soil, of its green;........................and the grass, of its sheen.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sea Dreamer gone Sky Diving

As I soared above the clouds,
just short of touching the sky,
I peeked down in between the clouds,

I was flying above ocean-blue.
From this height I couldn't fathom
the sky-sea barrier nor the ocean's bottom.

From thirty thousand feet I jumped,
with no tether to hang on to life.

The earth and the ocean loved me so much,
they pulled me into an embrace.

Without further ado, I plunged into Ocean-Blue.
Heights turned into depths,
clouds turned into swells of water,
the feather-light feeling turned into lead-weighted pressure,
the feeling rushed in,
the moment I crossed the Horizon.
I thought that now, I did sense,
what they called  Transcendence...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Your mark of Distinction

As I come to think of it which everyone usually does sooner or later at this point of their lives, what do I want to do after this..? 
You have a bachelors degree in your hand. All you think of is about doing a masters abroad or landing a good job. All said and done. What next? Where do you see yourselves after all of this. After you get your preferred degree or get your desired pay packet what will keep you busy? You hope you find your soul-mate and settle in a city of your dreams. You'll have your dream job paying you your dream salary, your soul-mate and your dream children and their welfare. Is that all that you've thought or planned of? What next? 
All you ever planned of will turn into routine. Some might feel satisfied with that. Simple happy life .~full stop. What catches your imagination? Remember being a child? Got any memories? What have you wanted to pursue as a child? All of which were deemed off-limits by the people, society, the events of the later years. Start realizing those dreams. Enjoy your moment by living those dreams. They'll render the painting of your life in a different dimension. A mark of distinction. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Future of Transportation - ?

Looking for ideas for the future of transportation design. I grope, not in the dark but in the depths of transportation history. Into the very elements which define the need for transportation.
Mass transportation, which enhances businesses, fosters growth in the economy; and then come personal modes- transportation which makes personal mobility a breeze, vehicles and transportation systems designed so that each individual looks forward to using it.
Motion gives joy. And cars are an expression of this joy. Cars have been the focus of automotive design.
Cars are an expression of the individual taste, I know that all the people in the world are different from each other and the industry cannot afford to produce cars matching the taste of each and every person. Cars are an expression of freedom; freedom of movement. At the crack of the fifties, they represented both freedom and power. But then both could not go hand in hand as they lead to exploitation. Because of the air poisoning that they were causing on earth and the depletion of precious fuel, traffic congestion with so many people wanting to express their feelings through their cars; and a whole hoard of problems that burdened most of the lands, especially the cities. Almost all the industries have always got affected whenever there had been a setback in the economic arena. It is perceived that until these economic setbacks, the automobile industry was at its peak. Yes it always was. But these economic setbacks are the driving factor for fostering new design concepts, newer engineering solutions for the newer problems that keep raising their ugly head. After surviving many blows, now it has come to the limit that cannot be exceeded- the death of the I.C. Engine.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cutting Chai Kid

All she gets is leftover chai and Parle-G.
Yea, she knows the alphabet and it ends with C.
Counting, she knows all from one, two till three;
Yet, she's employed at the dukaan which sells tea.

You'd ask, "what's her job profile?"
She cleans the plates and stacks them in a pile.
Her uncle brings her here after walking two miles.
Yet, she believes in Service with a Smile

She's got her friends, Bantu and Panki;
They don't play with her but give her company,
in cleaning table-tops with with spilled chutney.
(They're the ones who bear the chaiwala's tyranny.)

They've never met other children of their age;
always had to work in this constant bondage.
Of course they're of school-going age;
but will they ever come out of this cage?

Blame their uncle, blame her mother;
for not letting the children know of this joy.
The chai ki dukaan doesn't pay for bread and butter;
And they can't even buy their kids a toy.

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