Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Same old thing about a Green Diwali that comes up in the Papers, but of which people don't give shit about.

This note is very Diwali-centered. But its got a lot to do with other important things too.
What happened was that I just commented on one of my friends' Diwali greetings a couple'o days back: About causing less air and sound pollution, especially in the name of Diwali festivities.
And pat came a comment from some random guy, who just felt that we people are free to burst as many crackers and cause as much noise as we can, for the sake of Diwali, as this is what the tradition talks about.
My friends, the Tradition doesn't ask us to cause the undesired pollution, neither does it ask one to disturb ones neighbour, be it human or animal.
The aforementioned Random guy's reasoning goes somewhat like this: The automobiles and the industries, cattle, noisy jets and nuclear reactors are causing enough pollution; and celebrating Diwali as one likes wouldn't make a milligrams difference to the present scenario.*period* It  will!!
This is the kind of attitude we should be wary of. We should consider taking even the small steps towards lessening the chaotic pollution already taking place.
So here it goes again:: Burst less crackers, try causing minimal amount of any kind of pollution, and have a very safe, Prosperous and yes, a green Diwali :)

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