Saturday, December 26, 2009

Think about this...

Clicked on the way to Matheran, a pristine hill station near Mumbai.

We are too much on the brink of a disaster. But, nature is very flexible. We are paying for the mistakes committed by us in the past but we also have an opportunity to correct or even reverse them. It is not always as it is said" once done, cannot be reversed".
So, in order to reverse this drastic change, we must channelize our energies and direct each and every decision in our life that it balances and nurtures the Natural Way.
All of us think about leaving  wealth, heritage for our children to enjoy. But it is our prime duty to leave for them, an environment in which they can enjoy the most basic of their attributes-life. 
We should leave them not just a heritage but the legacy of a Healthy environment. They must know what pure rain, snow, fresh air mean.
We cannot let our corrupted and polluted actions strangle earth's life, in whatever small way we contribute to it. We might be having the power to do but that does not mean we exploit it, it is like strangling our mother to death.


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