Thursday, February 17, 2011

Veggy Owls

We all know the (K)night Hunters for a host of striking features, like their huge eyes, Noiseless flying and maneuvers, as rodent-eating scary birds and for their Awesome Flexible Neck. Other reasons being their role in Harry Potter series (his pet owl Hedwig), and in the movie Legend of Guardians

I wanted to show these misconceived(to some extent) birds in a new light. Their bright colors, wide sparkling eyes, colorful beaks and vivid feather strokes. I used thick brushes and repetiive brush strokes in order to fill in the white space and give a fade effect.(best displayed by the green hills).
The owls and owlets waking up in the evening sky, getting ready and spurring into activity~ collecting berries, eating and feeding them to the young. Veggie Owls don't prefer giving  regurgitated feed to their young
(I thank my roommate for letting me use his laptop to update this post )

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