Thursday, May 26, 2011

Click of the Orca

With no beam of light, had ages passed;
the missing Sun left our eyes parched.
Wolves of yore have kindled  fear;
never without a tremble does a second pass.

The Northern Lights do soothe our eyes;
but nothing to douse the howling fear.
The solar wind seldom melts ice;
send us the Sun, we've waited, benumbed, over the worse part of the year.

Frozen Phlegm makes breathing a task;
dilated Pupils grope for light in the dark.
We've seen the silent ocean wear an Icy Mask;
under it, loud Orcas tear a whale apart.

Click of the Orca: the poem is a work of Aditya Mantha

P.S.: I'd love to thank Jugesh's and Hemanshu's Facebook status update which inspired me to ink this poem.


  1. fantabulous work :) hats off to u . didn't know that u were such a good poet.

    P.S: awesome handwriting


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